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Insights and Feedback on business performance

Connect Deputi into your business to get great insights into your performance and recommended actions.
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Access advice and support for running your business on demand. Reduce your dependency on retainers and external consultants.

Secure Your Company Data

Create a secure data-room and to share with your accountant, lawyers and business partners.
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Intelligent insights for your business
Our daily notifications keep an eye on the important stuff to help you prioritise your todo list
Keep an eye on key metrics for your business.  Run daily or weekly profit & loss reports
Deputi puts you in control of your Cashflow. Updating you ‘real-time’ on money received, invoices due for payment and money owed to your business.
Track Companies House changes and get on-top of filing deadlines with reminders and guides

Integrate with your business apps

Connect Deputi to your business apps to build a single dashboard for all your business admin.
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Available when you need it the most

Login anytime and from anywhere.  Deputi is available on your desktop, mobile phone and iPad.  Connected to the tools you use everyday including Google Apps, xero and slack. 
Deputi is on hand when you need help
Access advice and support for running your business on demand.  Reduce your dependency on retainers and external consultants. 

Ask Deputi

Deputi is intelligent and learns about your business.  Ask it your business admin questions such as:  ‘what is the address of my registered office’ , ’when does my Insurance policy renew’ and much more... 
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Book Time with an Expert

Deputi is building a community of proven experts that are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs.
Through Deputi you can book time with an expert, a Lawyer, an Accountant, HR expert or a Coach on demand and at a price point appropriate for SME’s

Deputi Knowledge

Deputi is building the ultimate compendium of helpful resources to support SMEs grow and scale their businesses. Ask Deputi to uncover the best resources for to match your business

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