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637 hours

a year on average spent completing administrative or repetitive tasks

Save time and money by executing business admin tasks more effectively.

On average businesses are spending over £10,000 a year managing operations within their business which could be partially or fully automated. The UK Government estimates that future applications of AI and machine learning in this sector could increase productivity by up to 20%. Deputi uses AI to build a comprehensive picture of your business, to manage and execute administrative tasks and to augment and support management oversight.

Centralise business decision making across app ecosystems.

The proliferation of the business app ecosystem has caused increased manual workloads, lack of visibility across systems/apps, concerns about data accuracy, and a potential loss of revenue. Deputi enables productivity savings by connecting all your management information together to support more effective decision making.

£12.6 billion

wasted on external assistance with professional services, which… failed to improve the performance of their companies. (Zeqr)

73% Employees

spend over an hour a day navigating from app to app

Organise Business Information for greater transparency, control and accountability

Increasing regulation and legislative changes have required businesses to manage, control and account for information held within their organisations with greater vigour and structured process. Deputi enables a business to maintain a living data room ensuing that key documents, decisions and data is securely retained for future reference.

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Deputi is your business companion.  It harnesses the power of AI and blockchain to help you run and grow your business.  
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