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All businesses produce and rely on large volumes of information - financial records, employee details, regulatory requirements and so on. It's too much to keep track of - let alone use effectively - without the right systems.


  • manages your business critical documents and won’t let you miss a deadline
  • produces your admin to do list
  • and encourages you to set-up your Admin day to make you more efficient
  • provides your with insights into your business
  • Ask Deputi is always available to provide answers to your questions, Top Tips, checklists and document templates.

Deputi puts you in control and saves you  time and money

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Rich features helping you run your business

Starting a Business

Checklist of everything you need to know.

Ask Deputi available 24/7 to guide you through those early days

Register  your business, choose a name and register your web domain using Deputi.

Opening a Bank Account

Bewildered where to start or which Bank to choose. Useful article and reviews available to help you make the right choice for you.

Deputi has a checklist of all the documents you need to have ready.

Companies House Record and Filings

Deputi keeps you one step ahead with all your Company information available at your fingertips.

Instant reminders of your filing dates and responsibilities and alerts of any changes to your businesses.

Your Company Number, Registered Address and certificate of Incorporation in your Dashboard.

File your Confirmation Statement yourself for £13 

Corporate Memory

Record all the things in your head in your secure Deputi Corporate Memory.

Simply type in your important information, to make sure that you never forget your VAT Number, Type Face, Companies House Authentication Code etc.

Your memory will enrich over time and removes the key man risk of critical information walking out of the door.

Cash Flow and Financials

Connect Deputi to your Accounting software (Xero or Quickbooks).

Real time updates on your Cashflow, supplier invoices due for payment and customer invoices that need chasing.

Business Planning and Project Management

Do you have a business plan and Company Presentations?  Store them on Deputi so that your current version is always ready and available.

Need a template to get going on your business plan, then Ask Deputi to provide one

Share and Shareholders

Helpful guidelines on managing Shareholders and Stakeholders

Maintain your Cap Table by connecting App Reminders to send out stakeholder communications and updates.

Board Meetings

Top Tips and checklists for running the best Board Meetings.

Let Deputi set meeting dates and reminders and  keep Directors informed and updated. Access to examples of Board Agenda’s, Board presentation formats and minutes.

Investor Due Diligence

Access a Due Diligence checklist and useful articles to prepare you for Investor engagement.

Never misplace a Business critical documentation when you are using Deputi. Intelligent search and classification means you have your documents available to review and share at the press of a button.

‘Know your business’ Crib Sheet available for information that you must  have at your finger tips to make those meetings as effective as possible.

Your People

People are the core to any business.

Deputi will keep track of your employee’s, employment contracts, birthdays, probation reviews and appraisals.

Manage your employment contracts and other critical employee documentation. Readily available to review and share at the press of a button.

Ask Deputi can guide you through hiring, managing, training and coaching, incentivising and appraising your team. Keep updated on changes to Employment laws and regulations with Deputi.

Your Office

Deputi will keep track of your Property Contracts and Leases and make sure that you never miss a renewal deadline.

Top Tips on what type of office is best for you. Thoughts on home working, co-working and office leases.

Checklists of what you need to think about when you are taking on office space.


Deputi maintains a master schedule of all your Contracts and will notify you well in advance of renewal, so that you can make better and timely decisions about extending or terminating an agreement.

Policies & Procedures

Updated policies and procedures are increasingly important to your businesses.

Deputi will keep on top of your regulatory and legal requirements with a checklists of the Policies and Procedures that you need to have in place for your business to be compliant. Ask Deputi for document templates.


Do you understand what Insurance your need to have?

Deputi will demystify insurance with clear definitions and checklists as to what insurances are relevant to your business.

Deputi maintains a master schedule of all your Insurances  and will notify you well in advance of renewal, so that you can make better and timely decisions about extending or terminating a policy.


Deputi keep track of all your Software providers and make sure that you never miss a contract renewal. Have their T&C’s available at anytime.

Add your Hardware purchase dates and serial numbers to your Corporate Memory. Deputi will maintain for hardware lists.

Who is your Data Protection Officer? Record the details in your Corporate Memory.

Use the power of AI to grow and scale your business.
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