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December 17, 2019
What’s in a name?

When you are setting-up your business you need a Company name before you can do anything. In the beginning, this becomes an all-consuming problem. We spent (wasted) tons of time and head space plus drank copious amounts of alcohol, trying to decide on a name. Eventually we ‘got off the pot’ and chose ‘The Name’. […]

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December 17, 2019
MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK Last week wasn’t the best week

It should have been. We launched our product into the market, the social media campaign was underway and started the week with high expectations we were on to a winner. But as the week continued, the adrenaline, from the previous week, wore off, and a couple of the team were off sick. Business admin, pushed […]

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October 3, 2019
Corporate Governance for Start-up’s

Are you confused as to why you are reading about Corporate Governance. Isn’t it the kind of thing that’s normally associated with large complex businesses? If you are in the UK and you search ‘Corporate Governance’ you are faced with the’ UK Corporate Governance Code’ which talks about accounting periods and The Listing Regime, so […]

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