Deputi Integrations

Deputi integrates with many of your business apps so that you have a single place to view all of your business information and manage your admin. We already connect to Xero, Google Calendar, Companies House and Slack with many more integrations in the pipeline.

If you have a specific question or integration you would like to discuss. Please get in touch.

Manage your cash flow with Xero Accounting Platform

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Connect Deputi to your company in Xero to receive weekly updates on Cash Flow, Profit and Loss Reports and keep track of Invoices all from a simple dashboard.

Deputi uses Xero's secure API to connect and receive daily updates. You can customise the frequency and type of reports received. Alerts can be delivered to your desktop or email.

Get real time updates from Companies House

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(UK only) Connect to companies house to get real-time updates to corporate documents, filings, alerts and reminders. Make sure you complete any annual returns on time and minimise the cost of processing with accountants and lawyers. Search all your corporate filings quickly and easily.

Coming Soon: Keep track of many companies from a single dashboard.

Create and Update your Corporate Diary with Google Calendar

Create a single view of all your activities, renewals and important dates in Deputi. This can be linked to your existing Calendar to enable it to be shared with others in the company as well as making sure its available on any device.

Collaborate with Slack

Communicate with your team with slack. Deputi integrates all its main tools directly in your company workspace. upload, list and search for corporate documents. Review financial information and share updates across your team.

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