Manage Your Renewals

Store and Link your important company documents with Deputi and our AI will start to process, understand and manage the events associated with those documents.   We use our machine learning algorithms to read and categorise the documents that you upload. Once we identify the document type we can then look for key phrases and events in order to track items like: 

  • Renewal and Expiry Dates
  • Key contract clauses
  • Values associated with the documents
  • Actions and owners for each document

Deputi stores your information in our a fully secure and encrypted database.  Coming soon, you will be able to link to existing document stores such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. 

You can link documents to contacts within the platform, creating actions and tasks associated with each contact relationship, like a CRM but for your business operations.  

Use the power of AI to grow and scale your business.
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